Change Facebook username more than once

Facebook of course is the most popular social media website today. People (including me) are very dangerously addicted to facebook. We share our photos, feelings, and what not.

But, Facebook came into existence and became popular around 2006 and we were so busy looking into our wall(now timeline) that we never cared about what stupid username we have given to our accounts, and suddenly later someday we realize that the username is stupid, Oh no! now we want to change it. Well, Facebook let’s you do it once, and only once. And you realize, you can’t change it anymore.

Unlike other social media websites Facebook doesn’t allow you to change the username more than once. But of course there is a workaround. Even-though I don’t think Facebook would ever approve of it, but you can do this if you really hate your username and want to change it again. Just follow these steps.

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Now create a dummy Facebook Page by clicking on the gear like icon on the extreme top right corner and then selecting “Create Page” option. Give it some name, but don’t give it any web address or facebook web address. Just skip the rest of the steps.

3. Now you have your dummy page. in the admin panel go to Edit Page -> Edit Settings.

4. Here you have to select the “Page Info” tab

5. Here click on “Facebook Web Address” option under Page Info.

6. Here is the tricky part, give the dummy page the “Facebook Web Address” as your own username. i.e if your username is “johncrazydoe” and you want to make it “johndoe”, then enter the dummy page’s web address as

7. Now because of the clash between your username and dummy page’s username, Facebook woul ask you if you would like to “Transfer Username” to the page. Click on Transfer.

8. Now go back to your own profile then to account settings and there you have the option to assign a new username.

9. IMPORTANT!!! – DELETE THE DUMMY PAGE! Make sure you delete the dummy page.

So people, I don’t encourage you to do this again and again, don’t piss off Facebook. Do this only when you really are in a bad need of new username. I hope this article was helpful. Now go share this article with your Facebook friends.

Happy Facebooking !!


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