DFS – Deleting Orphaned DFS Share

Often stuck with an orphaned shared folder?

I did, many times. Moreover when I go ahead and try to delete it, I am hit with an error message saying “The share must be removed from the distributed file system before it can be deleted”


Change Facebook username more than once

Facebook of course is the most popular social media website today. People (including me) are very dangerously addicted to facebook. We share our photos, feelings, and what not. But, Facebook came into existence and became popular around 2006 and we were so busy looking into our wall(now timeline) that we never cared about what stupid…

BATCH files – What, Why and How?

Well you must be knowing or have heard about “Batch files” or “dot bat (.bat)” files if you have anything to do with computer stuffs. If you don’t know what it exactly is, then maybe this is a pretty good place to start with. If you are already an expert programmer an know all about…